Underpinning everything we do

Our values

Our underpinning value base has always been important to Synergia and we continue to focus on being more effective in translating words into practice.

Strengthen collective understanding and awareness: See under the surface events and patterns, and work with the deeper structures.

Be of service: Seek the good of the whole, the wider purpose, rather than narrow interests or short-term gains without concern for the consequences.

Attribute good intent: Start from a position of good intent in others that they will also want to be part of the overarching purpose.

Foster capability and resolve: Leave behind more capacity in the people you work with than when you started.

Act with integrity: Be true to ourselves and our purpose.

Don't be too serious: A necessary antidote to all the above. Celebrate.

Our values remain unchanged, which reflects their enduring relevance to the business, and we will continue to put them at the centre of how we work.