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We specialise in creating systems and infrastructure to support personalised care to ensure the person with the disability has choice and control.


As the lead consultants within New Zealand’s individualised funding pilots, we also support the development of cross-agency initiatives to provide integrated support for people with disabilities. In Australia, we have worked with local networks providing support and navigation for people with psychosocial disabilities and have assisted the National Disability Insurance Agency in the design of individualised packages that integrate mental health and social support.

We firmly believe good systems which support choice and quality care, not only ensure optimal outcomes for individuals and their families, but are also the most cost-effective for Governments over the long term.

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Mental Health

As leaders in the design and development of modern recovery-based mental health services, we work closely with individual services to support change implementation, service design and continuous quality improvement.


Throughout our work we take a life-course approach, where our mental health systems are designed to identify risk and support recovery across a person’s life span.

We have been the lead consultants for the national Blueprint II project in New Zealand and for the NSW Mental Health Commission strategy in Australia on reform. We also have a background in mental health research programmes in collaboration with our university partners.

Population, Primary and Secondary Health

With more than 15 years’ experience, we provide analysis, advice and evaluation across population, primary and secondary services. Much of our work focuses on long-term conditions, whether through community prevention, improved primary care systems or service integration with secondary care.


We are strongly focused on the development of people-centred systems and high performing primary care in both the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Our specialised skills in patient flow modelling and resource use across health systems, informs models of care, pathways, workforce and facility requirements. As specialists in health system evaluations, we have qualitative and quantitative data which enables insight into patient-level and system-level outcomes to inform continuous quality improvement.

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Social services

We support the development of person-centred social services. We believe through better understanding of a person’s context and life journey, we can more precisely intervene to support improved life outcomes, and reduce their long-term cost to Governments.


Some call this the investment approach. We have developed tools and methods to help understand high value intervention points in a person’s life, to guide service design and investment for improved outcomes.

Our experience in social services includes, strategy, system design, quality improvement systems and evaluation. Our areas of work include high-risk children, parole services, whanau ora education and benefit reduction.

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