Dr Matt Wright.


Dr Matt Wright is the clinical lead for Synergia as well as an Urgent Care doctor with 10 years’ experience. He still works part-time at Middlemore Hospital Emergency Department in Auckland, and also has eight years experience working in primary care.

Matt has been the key clinical advisor for Auckland Regional After Hours Network (ARAHN) for several years and has led much of the data analysis that informs the alliance’s decisions. He developed the ARAHN Quality and Outcomes Framework with the clinical subgroup; made from the senior clinicians of the hospital, general practice, ambulance and telephone line service, and is currently Chair of this sub-group. He has an excellent understanding of after-hours systems, and has been able to improve the relationships of the stakeholders within Auckland, shape the communications messages to healthcare professionals and patients and support smart financial decisions on commissioning care from the District Health Boards.

Matt has a strong interest in Quality Systems, and is involved in the measurement and visualisation of markers in numerous parts of his clinical and non-clinical work. His focus is often on the technical aspect of data collection and analysis, and provides Synergia with a unique skill set of manipulating and interpreting healthcare data with a clinician’s viewpoint.

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